Interesting email received today.

We received this note via email from Tony at Herbs Plus and Beadworks.
Please be aware of the amount of radiation that your cell phones put out.
It seems the iPhones put out more power than Tony’s Samsung, we’ll have to gather more data to see for sure.
If you have some test results you’d like to share, please feel free to email them to us.
You can comment on this article below.
Thank you.

“A young gal came by today and I attached the grounding wire to her and took a reading and her voltage readings kept going up and up rising to 150VAC and stayed there with the grounding wire in her hand.
I tested it as well and my voltage went up as well to about 30 and stayed there and could not figure out why because usually I am at about 0.03VAC
Then we moved her purse and her voltage dropped to about half and then so did mine and it dropped below 5 and then bounced back up.
Her Iphone was putting out so much juice that within 5 ft that was how hard it was hitting us.
Her system must have been depleted on a cellular level
Mine (cell phone) was 1/5 of what she was putting out.
I had the negative terminal on the ground and she held the positive ( red).
I even switched the holding.
Never seen that til today
These phones are blasting people so when you are advertising you may want to make this point so people don’t come back on you saying this is a dud this would be one of the reasons why the readings may not go down.



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