New Product – Solid Copper Bracelet Designer Style

Order HERE.
Beautiful Solid Copper Bracelet for Men or Women.
Pure Copper Bracelet
Two Tone
Bangle Cuff Style
One Size Fits All
High Quality
About 3/4″ Wide
Wear it all day and night, simply connect to the included cable when you want to ground and recharge.

Includes (Please select when adding to cart):

  • One (1) 5 meter long copper cable 14AWG (41 strands)
  • One (1) Banana plugs
  • One (1) Ground Plug Adapter
  • One (1) Alligator Clip (2″)


  • One (1) 5 meter long copper cable 14AWG (41 strands)
  • One (1) Alligator Clip (2″)
  • One (1) pre-wired Heavy Duty Plug

A very simple yet effective way to alleviate the problems associated with free radicals present in our bodies today.
Quickly neutralize the free radicals by grounding yourself while working at your desk, watching TV, sleeping or during any other activities or rest periods.
Use at home, in an apartment building or condominium, at a friend’s house, even in a hotel or motel room.
You can even wear it while practising Yoga at home.
In fact, you can use it anywhere a grounded plug is available.

All of our Personal Grounding Devices are assembled in Canada from the finest components available.
Each component is individually tested with stringent Quality Control guidelines before shipping.
Resistance measurements typically read less than 1 OHM with all components connected and included in the test, i.e. device, cable and ground plug.

Easy to use (more detailed instructions can be found HERE):
1) Test the wall power receptacle, with our Receptacle Tester. Only the two (2) Yellow lights should come on. If any other combination of lights come on, DO NOT use that receptacle until it is repaired.
2) Plug the Banana Plug at the other end of the Personal Grounding Device cable into the ground Socket of a 3-prong receptacle or into our Ground Plug Adapter.

3) Plug your Personal Grounding Device into the Ground Plug Adapter and wear your device while resting, watching a movie sleeping, etc.


That was easy!
Enjoy the immediate benefits, such as the anti-oxidant effects and elimination of free radicals in your body, by being connected to Earth Ground!
Product Code: 2g-B10
Brand: 2Ground
Product Condition: New

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