18″x12″ Laptop Shield/Grounding Mat


Special introductory limited time offer of 20% off!

If you enjoy using your cell phone, tablet, netbook, E-Reader or laptop while relaxing on the couch or bed (and who doesn’t these days?), this is a perfect option to protect your vital organs from the harmful radiation emitted by these devices.
Our Aluminum RF Shielding Mats are designed to block analogue and pulsed digital signals from the above named devices.
The foil also offers an effective barrier against Low Frequency AC Electric Fields.

Solid construction using our EMF/RF Shielding Foil and Tape. Each mat is further strengthened by adding strips of tape across the surface and around the perimeter. Fastening points for the Alligator Clip or 10mm Heavy Duty snap have 2 more layers of tape to provide years of tear protection!

Very easy to set up and use; simply place the Mat on your lap, fasten the alligator clip (or the 10mm Heavy Duty snap to the 18″ x 12″ version) to the mat, plug it into your Wall Plug Receptacle that is tested for proper ground, then place your favourite Electronic device on the Mat instead of on your body!
RF Shielding Foil has excellent RF shielding qualities.
Excellent High Frequency RF Shielding characteristics
Effective barrier against Low Frequency AC Electric Fields
Electrically Conductive
Heavy Duty / Tear Proof
Flexible and light weight
Safe to handle and non-toxic

Available in 5 sizes (please select size when adding to your Shopping Cart):
12″ x 12″ (introductory sale price – $9.99)
16″ x 16″ (introductory sale price – $12.99)
18″ x 12″ (introductory sale price – $14.99) *perfect for most laptops. Keeps you cool from the laptop batteries as well as grounding and shielding the unwanted voltage and radiation. Comes with Heavy Duty 10mm snap connector as shown in images instead of the alligator clip at no charge!
18″ x 18″ (introductory sale price – $15.99)
24″x 24″ (introductory sale price – $18.99)

Custom sizes available as well, simply email: sales@2ground.com with the desired dimensions for a quotation.

All mats come with:
One (1) 5 meter (16.5 feet) long copper cable 14AWG (41 strands)
One (1) 2″ Alligator Clip (or 10mm Heavy Duty snap on the 18″ x 12″ version)
One (1) pre-wired Heavy Duty 3-Prong Ground Plug


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