Exterior Smart Meter Shielding Kit Instructions

Locate the Smart Meter on the outside wall of your home and install the kit as described below:

1) Locate your smart meter, Figure 1

2) Clean and dry the exterior of the glass, especially on the bottom. Use only a damp cloth.
3) Hold the larger Velcro® strip on the bottom of the smart meter glass and trim any excess which protrudes from the front of the smart meter. Peel
the adhesive backing and position this Velcro® strip on the bottom of the glass as shown in Figure 2.

4) Position and adhere the smaller Velcro® strip on the top of the glass as shown in Figure 3.

5) Press one short edge of the shielding mesh into the bottom hook material. Only cover ½ of the hook material, see Figure 4.

6) Wrap the shielding mesh snugly around the meter glass. Make sure the fabric extends all the way to the metal housing. Do not leave an uncovered gap where the meter glass meets its metal housing. Figure 5.

7) When you are satisfied with the position of the shielding mesh, press it firmly into the top and bottom Velcro® strip.
8) Trim excess shielding mesh to the desired length, see Figure 6. Leave a little extra mesh so it is easy to connect the ground cord. The excess mesh covering the face of the smart meter can be left in place or trimmed away.

9) Connect one end of the ground cord to the shield and the other to a convenient place on the metal meter housing, see Figure 7.

10) Wrap the EMF/RF Shielding Tape around the mesh for added protection (see Figure 8).

That’s all there is to it. Of course, you can add a separate shield on the wall behind the smart meter if you wish to protect the indoor space as well.
See Smart Meter Shield – Interior Kit for details

Frequently Asked Questions

Once Shield is installed, can our utility company still read our meter?
Yes, the design of this shield allows the utility company to receive your energy usage readings remotely and by direct visual inspection.

Is it illegal to put the shield on a Smart Meter?
No, it is not illegal to put this shield on your smart meter. It is illegal to break the glass or security seal on your smart meter. Please do not
break them.

Will the utility company take it off?
No, usually not. Utility companies don’t usually care what you do to the smart meters as long as you:
– Don’t break the glass or security seal… – Don’t prevent them from receiving their signal… – Don’t block the access to their meter.

Can I measure the shielding performance?
Yes, definitely. You will need a suitable RF meter such as the Acoustimeter or High Frequency Meter see http://www.2ground.com/EMF_and_RF_Test_Equipment/cat3801719_3190884.aspx).
Set the meter in a fixed position and monitor the radiation output from your smart meter. Without moving your RF meter, install the shield
and see the difference in your meter readings. Note! The RF meter should be positioned to the side of the smart meter and should be far
enough away that the RF meter does not exceed its maximum range.

Now, the radiation will be reflected back to the outside of your home instead of hitting you and your Family members.
(Instructions with images and video showing the effective RF blocking properties and RF meter readings will be added to the website soon).